About Us

Founded in 2012 by Andrew Pilgrim, and now an ‘icon’ within this industry, Squirt by Design was the spin-off of a  profound interest in Harry Houdini,  Escapology and Physical Restraint.  Since launching the business our reputation for ingenious design, attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and personal service has made Squirt by Design the name that serious bondage enthusiasts trust.

The first product produced was a St Andrews cross for a close friend of Andi, news of this cross soon spread and before long we were being messaged with orders from a wider range of people who brought with them an unbelievably mixed bag of unfocused natural instincts and wants.

Squirt by Design was then started as a small business with a lot of very interesting connections. Andi the owner is a enthusiasts – and  could not resist a challenge, his specialisation is “restraint” in whichever  form it manifests itself,  this specialisation has brought with it  tremendous diversity ….