Bondage Guides & Advice

With erotic novels filling high street book shops, it seems everyone’s interested in having kinkier sex. Has bondage got you all tied up in knots – and not in the right way? We’ve got everything you ever wanted to know about bondage, spanking and BDSM, but were too afraid to ask..


Lingerie Guides & Advice

Knowledge is power and a good bra can make you feel a million dollars – these are two things that every woman should know. At Squirt by Design we have all the knowledge necessary to help you in your mission to find the perfect set; with the hottest tips, tricks and guides there is no stone left unturned. As lingerie experts we have the inside scoop and all you’ll ever need to know. Love your lingerie.



Sex Toy Guides & Advice

With over 10 years in sex toy innovation, Squirt by Design is the definitive destination for all things sex; from bunnies and bullets to butt plugs. Don’t be scared, here you’ll find everything you need to know to keep you buzzin’. Be armed with your arsenal of Squirt by Design toys and now, a wealth of knowledge. Our tips, tricks and guides are just here to help!



A Guide To Period Sex

T period sex guide tells you everything you need to know – from benefits and preparation tips to the best positions and aftercare.

Periods. They come every month or so and yet we’re still unprepared. Roll on a week of cramps, headaches, hunger and a whole load of other nasty side effects. On top of that, you may even become horny as hell – as if things weren’t complicated enough.

That being said, we totally understand if you don’t want a silly little thing like your period to get in the way of sex with your partner, and we’re here to help. The Ann Summers period sex guide tells you everything you need to know – from benefits and preparation tips to the best positions and aftercare.



How to Choose a Vibrator

Vibrators are for everyone and if you don’t already have one – they are definitely a must try. Trust us when we say, orgasm game changer. Vibrators are for everyone and if you don’t already have one – they are definitely a must try. Trust us when we say, orgasm game changer. Getting your hands on a vibrator has never been easier. This guide is for girls and guys, to help you choose the perfect vibrator – one you feel comfortable using and will really hit the spot.

Before you hit ‘checkout’ on a vibrator that looks good, start at the beginning and think about a few things first…

  • How are you going to use your new toy? Solo play, foreplay or during sex?
  • Do you want to use it on multiple erogenous zones, internally, externally or anally?
  • Do you have flatmates so will want to keep extra quiet?
  • Do you prefer soft, rumbling sensations or harder textures?
  • How do you want your toy to move, or would you prefer to move it yourself?


Guide to Electro Sex Toys

It’s time your body understood what it feels like to be electric, and experience the pleasure of erotic electro stimulation.

Tips for Better Doggy Style

It’s time to turn over, get down on all fours and do it like they do on the discovery channel honey.

How To Use Lube

It can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never used lube before, but its hard to go wrong once you know the difference between a few kinds.

How To Have Multiple Orgasms

What’s the trick to having multiple orgasms? Practice. And toys. And letting us guide you round the corners, of course.

Beginners Guide to Female Masturbation

With our top tips (and maybe a toy or two), you can also enjoy orgasms on demand and get intense satisfaction.

Beginners Guide to Blowjobs

Whether it’s part of the warm-up or the main event itself, oral sex is all but guaranteed to send your man wild with pleasure

Men’s Guide to Sex

Boys, this one’s for you. Our top sex tips for men will focus on improving your pleasure as well as your partner’s

Anal Sex Guide

Whether you’re just curious, have a partner dying to try it, or need some advice on how to get fruity with the booty, this one’s for you.

How to make Sex Better

Adding the spice back into your sex life is easier than you think. Take a look at our top tips for better, unforgettable sex, every time

Guide to Safe Sex

It never hurts to brush up on the basics… here’s our top tips for making sure you’re staying safe, no matter what you’re getting up to…

Couples Guide to Sex Toys

It’s always more fun to play together, right? Sex toys aren’t just for solo missions: add your Player Two, and get ready to come together.

The Beginner’s Guide to Dildos

They say the classics never go out of style… Dildos are definitely the world’s first sex toy – but, there’s enough modern twists on the old classic to keep the most adventurous satisfied.

The Beginner’s Guide to Male Sex Toys

The male sex toy. Oh, how far it’s come. Long gone are the days of the blow-up novelty sex doll – it’s the 21st century, man. Time to get serious.

Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Everyone remembers their first one. Hidden in the drawer. Slipped beneath the covers. That muffled buzz, the grasp of the sheets…

A-Z of Sex Toys

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex toys, but were too afraid to ask… welcome to Squirt by Design’ Sex Toy Dictionary. From Anal Beads to Zip-Up Bags, we’ve got you covered.

The Beginner’s Guide to Cock Rings

Cock rings are one of the most straightforward, fun and popular sex toys available. Read our guide to help you find your perfect fit

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dildo

There’s so many different kinds of dildos out there, but it’s really not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

The Beginner’s Guide to Anal Toys

If you’re curious about anal play but aren’t sure whether it’s for you – let alone which toys to start with – then our advice is to start small, and start slow.

How to use a Butt Plug

Every person and body is different but, for some, anal play takes pleasure to a whole new level.

Dark Desires

Let us take you on an erotic journey to the final climax and bring your Darkest Desires to life

A Beginner’s Guide to Bondage

Ever thought of trying it? Follow our beginner’s guide to soft bondage and discover everything you need to kink up your sex life.

The health benefits of orgasms

4 surprising reasons why you should have an orgasm tonight.

Top Waterproof Toys for Shower Sex

Shower sex is irresistible and there are loads of 100% waterproof toys in our range designed to get soaking wet with you.


Beginner’s Guide To Vibrators

Good vibes come in all shapes and sizes, but they’ve all got that buzz – whether you’re alone, or pushing foreplay to its limits.

Guide to P-Spot and G-Spot Massage

Erotic massage is an incredible way to get closer to your lover and hit the spots that really matter.