Collapsible multi-function whipping bench,bondage


A New designed collapsable whipping bench with Knee,calf and torso pads with additional arm pads.  It is very rigid with 4 main shackling points,It also comes with eyelets to attach restraints to.  Overall size is 145 cm long x 60 cm wide x 70 cm high when using the back and shoulder pads.  There are 8 pads in the set. The padded open splayed legs and padded chest plate make it comfortable for long term sessions and provide access to the genita. When using the arm pad attachments the front end of the Bench can be positioned in a number of angles. This item is new and handmade by myself so there are minor deviances in size. Important Notice Due to the bulky nature of the furniture collection would be prefered but have posted out previously. Please note as these are handmade as a hobby and a fraction of the cost of bulk manufactured products.  There is currently a week turn around time for this bench.  The pads on this item are Red other colours are available message for choices. IT IS THE USER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE ALL BOLTS ARE TIGHT AND STABLE BEFORE USE.   Please look at the other matching items for sale which make it a wonderful set…Message for more information: